IPwe Portfolio Reports

IPwe Portfolio Reports provide useful intelligence on a company’s patent portfolio, including:

  • Are the patents in the portfolio likely to be commercially valuable?
  • Are the patents in the portfolio likely to survive a court challenge?
  • What is the competitive positioning of the portfolio compared to competitors?

IPwe Portfolio Report

Understanding your own patent portfolio

✔ How strong is your patent position compared to competitors?
✔ What modifications could strengthen either individual patents or the overall portfolio?
✔ Are there any “hidden gems” that aren’t being commercialized?

IPwe report screenshot
IPwe report screenshot

Reducing risk in M&A transactions

✔ How strong is the target company’s patent portfolio?
✔ Does the company’s patent portfolio provide competitive advantage?
✔ Is the company exposed to patent-related risk?

Corporate IP Risk Management

✔ Most companies don’t think about IP risk until they get sued
✔ Being proactive can identify sources of risk, as well as potential mitigation strategies
✔ Strengthen one’s own portfolio or reduce risk through cross-licensing or patent pools

IPwe report screenshot

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