How Not to Manage IP Risk – Quibi's $1.75 Billion IP Blunder

Quibi is a “new” model where short form high quality content is delivered to your mobile device — faces a hefty patent infringement law suit after raising $1.75 billion. The promising new venture, backed by sophisticated invenstors, risk managers and lawyers, could have easily been avoided by using today's AI-based Patent Analytics. In fact, even the simplest of searches on the IPwe platform would have thrown immediate red-flags to avoid such a blunder. 

ua vs adidas

Under Armour Acquires Health-tech Startup For $150 Million, Attracting Adidas-sized Trouble

In the case of Under Armour, a proper diligence would have flagged a risk emerging from the German behemoth’s patent position and allow Under Armour to plan ahead accordingly.​ The diligence is too often restricted to plain title checks while a true M&A Patent Diligence should include a review of all patent-related risks.


Daimler’s $Multi-Billion Patent Roadblock Over Connected Cars

Daimler and its suppliers put together a sound IP defense strategy with one major flaw: it was more than a decade too late. While Daimler sold products that implemented the latest state of wireless connectivity and used these to compete especially in the luxury segment and gain market shares, it simply pushed the IP-related business implications on its suppliers and relied on contractual indemnity clauses.